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Text alignment (center not centered) in device simulator

In Progress Benjamin Carl 5 years ago

I faced the following problem;

While the (Google) font (Roboto) is displayed well in simulator on Win (10 Notebook) -> CENTERED - it is or seems shifted to the left (x coordinate seems not being ok) when simulating on my android device.

I have the latest App, the latest Justinmind Editor on Windows and stuck on this issue. Even new added text in fresh text (label/coontainer) without grouping or things around does not get displayed centered.

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Hi Benjamin,

By default, content on a screen is not centered. Can you check to see if your 'center screen's content' dialog is checked? You can see this by selecting the base screen (icon that looks like a monitor) in the Outline palette, then look to the Properties palette and see if 'center screen's content' is or isn't checked. If it is checked and you're still seeing problems when simulating on your mobile device, let me know, and if possible, attach the .vp file here in .zip format.




If I align a label via its X coordinate center it should get rendered centered like in the visual editor (WYSIWYG) everything else seems not to make any sense to me.

Images aligned centered are rendered centered - only the labels are shifted to the left when using Roboto Font Bold weight.

This is not regarding the alignment within a textbox/label it is the positioning within the screen I'm talkin about.


Thanks for clarifying. If possible, can you attach a .vp file here that has this problem? We'd like to investigate this further.

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