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Teamwork Tab not shown !

Under Consideration Justin Jang 7 years ago


I created shared prototype with my desktop which has windows 10.

I was using it okay.

However, when I try to open justinmind on my laptop (windows 7) and other desktop it doesnt even have "teamwork" tab on the top.

It just have "file" and "Help" tab. I tried uninstalling and installing latest version but doesnt work.

Could you please explain how to fix this?


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Hi Justin,

Unfortunately we haven't been able to locate you on our database. Are you paying a subscription? Have you got a license key? If thats the case please send us your key through our Customer Support Portal so we will be able to see what might be happening.

In case you are using a free account, take into account that the teamwork feature it's not available.


Sonia Durán

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