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Table size being impacted by a change of border size in a cell. Bug ?

In Progress Jonathan Serex 4 years ago


Can you please have a look at the attached video and tell me if I've spotted a bug ?

In the first part of the video (0 -> 8sec) I am showing what I am trying to achieve and what I expect. I would like to change the size of the bottom border of my cell to 15 px (I've exagerated the size to make the issue obvious). When I do it in the editor, we see that the cell and table height remain the same, only the bottom border is changed by 15px and become thicker.

Then in the second part, (9 -> 20sec) I show that I have an "on click" event, which aims to do exactly the same operation I just did before, i.e. I change the border size of my cell to 15px.

Finally, in the last part of the video, I launch the simulation. In the simulation we see that the on-click event does not achieve the same result as in the editor. Here it is not only the cell border which is changed but the whole table height is impacted and getting bigger by 15px.

I am doing something wrong, or is this a bug ?

Thanks for your support.

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Hi Jon -

Thanks for showing this to us. It is indeed a bug we're hoping to fix in future versions. As a potential workaround, you could create a Table and add a rectangle at the bottom to act like a border. Then, create an "On Click" + "Show" event for each cell that will show the rectangle border when it's clicked, and then add a "Hide" action to hide the borders on the other cells.

Check out the attached, and apologies for any inconvenience.


Thanks for the prompt feedback and for suggesting a workaround Danielle.

Hope you can fix this soon.

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