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Tab key advances through Properties (and event editor) fields, but shift-tab does not always go backwards

Solved Dave 9 years ago

When editing data in the property panel, pressing the tab key correctly moves forward from field to field, as shown in this GIF animation:


Unfortunately, pressing Shift-Tab does not reverse that process, as shown in this GIF animation, in which I first quickly tab through the Left, Top, [Left/Top lock], Width, Height, [Width lock], [Height lock], [Width/Height chain] fields to the Angle field, then repeatedly press Shift-Tab, with the result that the Angle field repeatedly highlights and un-highlights:

What my screen capture utility, Recordit, did not capture is that at the moment the Angle fields toggles from white to black, the "Absolute Position" label below it momentarily has a light grey border, as though it was being selected, then instantly de-selected.

I hope this helps you troubleshoot this admittedly small, but workflow-delaying bug.

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Added to the product's backlog


Awesome! As a developer, I know that being in the backlog is no guarantee of when it'll happen, but knowing that it's on your radar is encouraging.


Hi, Victor! This is still a problem. Any word on this very, very old request?


Hi Dave,

I have already informed to our development team to speed the process if possible. It is already under consideration but unfortunately we cannot implement everything we wish because resources and time are limited.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your reminder.


Sonia Durán

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