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Switch On/off iPhone IOS8 event

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I want to show/hide another layer based on the value of a IOS8 switch. I tried with tap/toggle but doesnt work. I have Panel_16 for 'switch off' and Panel_15 for 'switch on'.

I have a location map layer that I need to show if its ON(Panel_15) and hide if its off(16). Help me out please

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Hi Arun,

You can create a checkbox next to the location label. Then, you can create a condition and event that hides the map when that checkbox is checked or unchecked.




Thanks for the reply. But I was able to do it from the Ellipse widget that the Panel group contains. The 'On Tap' did it. I was earlier trying to do this with 'On Tap' on the Panel widget itself.

Since I got it working better than the 'work around' from you, I feel like a rock star

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