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SVG icons - error when loading file

In Progress Turbanski 5 years ago

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I upload two files ... one that I created using the latest CorelDraw - I can not add to the project, and another one from the client - I can add to the project.

Check, please, do they differ? or i`m asking for suggestions on how to solve this problem.

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Can you provide some more information so we can figure out the source of the error? What OS are you using - Mac or Windows? What version of Justinmind are you using? Are you able to add the .svgs correctly to other prototypes, or is it just one prototype in particular?



Thank you Danielle for your interest. I used the current version of JiM on Windows. Problem concerned all projects, even those newly created.

I managed to solve this problem. I can not tell you why the problem occurred, becouse i have no idea. After many unsuccessful attempts focused on the svg file. An effective solution turned out to be the reinstallation of the program.


Ok, thank you for the info. If this problem happens again, please let us know.

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