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Submit multiple suggested feature enhancements and/or bugs in a single post or separate posts?

Answered eggroll 7 years ago

First, I want to start out by letting you know how much we love working with your software. Although our prototype is somewhat ambitious, we have come across few instances so far where it doesn't look like we're going to be able to implement something we would like to.

In the process of working on our prototype, we have been documenting potential bugs (not many) and possible feature enhancements that may contribute to making your software even better than it already is. We weren't sure, though, if you use these posts somewhat like Github issues, making individual submissions/suggestions easier to track their progress or if you would rather have each one submitted as a single post.

Let us know and we'll be happy to pass along our suggestions in whatever way you prefer.

Thanks. And once again, great work!

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Hi there,

Any suggestion you make will be input into our backlog individually, so we would prefer if you passed along your suggestions in one post so as to not clutter the forum. We're looking forward to hearing what features you'd like to see in Justinmind!




Good to know. I'll send some along tomorrow. Thanks!

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