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Sound plays even when hidden

Answered Victor Conesa 12 years ago

When using the PDF viewer to use sound within the Prototype. It was said that you could control when the music plays and doesn't play by hiding. This however does not work.

I have the PDF viewer hidden yet it still plays the music on page load. And when I show & hide it, the music still keeps playing.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.


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Can you try this prototype? It's the same case and it works for us.



I uploaded it and it played by itself. When I clicked show it had already played (Which I heard) and I would have to play it again.

It's the same with hiding during play. It keeps on playing.

Maybe a better test would be with a longer sound file? Or maybe it's just Google Chrome?


Well, the thing about the sound it's pretty much a trick. What the internet browsers does is to render the sound file with the default player you have in your computer. If you hide while the sound it's still playing I think the player keeps playing it because it's an external application. Sorry for that.


Ok no problem. I'll use the alternative.

- Turn the MP3/Sound file into an SWF. That works perfect.

mp3 player image with a play button on it and another with a pause. Each one hides the other and hides/shows the Flash player which is white and blends into the background.

Near Perfect sound workaround.


Hi all,

We're happy to inform you that Justinmind (version 7.9) now lets you embed .wav and .mp3 audio files in your prototypes.

This is a great new feature for adding rich, dynamic content to your interactive designs, and will give your prototypes an even more realistic edge.

Check it out for yourself here.


Sonia Durán

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