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Some users in .CSV file created wrong

In Progress Narcis Pares 4 years ago


Four of the users generated from the .CSV files are shown incorrectly, as if their names were the same as their email addresses.For example, for the user in the file:

It is shown like this in the list:

And in its user details it shows:

I fail to see what is different in these four users from the rest who have been correctly uploaded.

In any case, since they were only four I wanted to edit them manually, but the system does not allow me. What it did allow me was to delete the user and create a new one manually.

However, I got the same user definition! Really strange...

So I am attaching the .CSV file I used so that you can have a look and fix this for the users that are incorrect.


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Because this request contains account information, we have set up a Customer Support Portal account for you and have sent you a ticket there.

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