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Simulation Scrolling Issue - Canvas Does Not Extend

Solved Bryan 4 years ago

I'm having trouble getting the local simulation and shared prototype to display any information "past the fold". In design mode, I have my screen set to 1920 width by 1500+ pixel height. I am using the web-template, developing a responsive form and in design mode everything looks good. However, in simulation mode the bottom half of all of my pages do not display. Please advise on what is needed. Thank you,

Windows 10

Justinmind 8.7.7 - Paid Account

vp project file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1G7m4WP2L4u_dQidZ4uXCvWLWjDsx_6Ss

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I may have solved it, or indeed figured out a workaround. I had the whole scene grouped into a dynamic panel when it did not need to be. The dynamic panel extended all the way down, but this cut off the display for some reason. Moving the elements out seemed to fix this.

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