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Simulation bugs with chrome extension message

Solved Victor Conesa 7 years ago


I worked for three weeks on Justinmind. After installing the 7.2.1 version, I've been asked to install chrome extension. I did it. Simulation worked, but regularly after exit and re-enter, I can't simulate again. I have the message "please install chrome extension", which is already installed. We are working in teamwork, and I am the owner. After republishing with a copy, I can simulate again. My collegues don't have this issue.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Jean-Noel,

This could be a problem related with any of the screens of your prototype. For further investigation we will need your vp file.

If you are a client you can send us the vp file through our Customer Support Portal. In case you are a free user or you are using a trial you should share your vp file with a Dropbox link here.


Sonia Durán

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