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Simulation and HTML prototype errors

In Progress Kundurmutt 4 years ago

Hi, Am having random issues with simulation and HTML prototype. With chrome, i suddenly get the prompt for installation of justinmind add even if the extension is active and file URLs are given access. On IE, turns out that the .html file is missing. Sometimes when I directly access the screen in simulation mode from the right side menu, I can access. Sometimes after accessing another screen and then trying to access the problematic screen, there is no error message but nothing happens either. At other times, clicking a link on the app menu brings up another working screen instead of the (problematic) one, I am trying to access. Kindly help or suggest what I need to do. am working against the latest trial version since about a week back.

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Can you attach the HTML folder so we can check this out and see why it's not working?

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