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Side menu in and out when click icon

In Progress LONG NGUYEN 4 years ago

1. I try to use tutorial and have a good effect in and out with side menu. But tutorial for android or old iphone. With new iphone, Menu icon do not hide or disable by Menu when slide in. So i alway click one more in menu icon to hide it.

2. After click menu icon, menu slide in. But one more click in menu icon. My menu slide more to right. I fix this problem by use X : pin to left and Easing : easeinOutQuad

So, help me how can do this.

Thank you kindly

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The slide menu should work the same on any kind of device. If you would like, you can attach your prototype here and we can see what the problem might be. You can compress the file to .zip/.rar to attach it here.

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