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Show prototype without frames on non-mobile browser?

Solved Jan Eckhoff 3 years ago

Hi there, I've just started evaluating Justinmind for our project.

We're developing a handheld device with a touch screen, and our hardware prototypes, which we use to do rapid iterations of user testing consist of Raspberry Pi (Raspi) devices with small touch screens in a 3D printed housing. We're running Linux on the Raspi, with Firefox as the web browser there.

Now, I'm building prototypes with JIM and export them as HTML, but when I bring them onto the device, they're always showing that annoying black border around them - and of course, the screen area is too small to incorporate the actual prototype (which is built to fit exactly on it), and the unnecessary black border around it.

Is there any easy way to remove this black border and just show the prototype by itself?



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Select the screen (root node on the 'Outline' tree). Then, in the properties panel, change the Device by 'Web'. Do that for all the screens in the prototype.

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