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shared prototype not updating

Known Michael 7 years ago

Hi. My colleague and I are using the trial versions of JIM Enterprise. He created a prototype and shared it with me (v1), I edited it and committed my changes (v2), and he edited that new version and committed his changes (v3).

The problem is that even though prototype v3 can be viewed successfully by an invited reviewer, it is invisible to me in JIM. When I open the shared prototype, it is still v2, the version in which I last made changes. I try to "update all" so that I can work with v3, but the system tells me that I already have the latest version.

This is also true on my online account: When I access the shared prototype from there try to open it for review, i get v2 rather than v3.


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Hi Michael,

That's odd. Can you check out that the user that has done the (v3) of the prototype has commited all the changes? Are you using the option Teamwork / Commit all?


Sonia Durán

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