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Share wireframes via links while maintaining the Outline and Comment options

Under Consideration Mor Vimmer 5 years ago

We have a diverse team that we share our wireframes with. To comment on the wireframes, one needs to create an account and log in. If we send a link to public wireframes (trying to go around this), there is no way to comment or navigate (comments/outline options are missing).

It would be extremely helpful to our team to have an option to share a link (password protected) and have the outline and comments options visible.

If there is a need to identify which user is commenting, present a modal window with a form containing name and email.

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Thank you very much for your feedback - I'll send it to our team.

A possible workaround for now could be adding a new email address that you create as a reviewer. Then, when you receive the 'invite' email with the link to view the prototype, send that email along to all other reviewers. They'll then be able to add comments without needing to login. However, all comments will show up as being under your email, rather than by the person who left the comment.

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