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Share Simulation - View Sidebar without Comments/Default Open Sidebar

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

When sharing a simulation (locally from HTML, not from the cloud/Usernote)...I'd like to share it with the list of screens so that my audience can jump around the screens as needed during the project. The only way I see to show the sidebar navigation is to include Comments in the simulation.

1. Is there a way to show the sidebar navigation without having Comments?

2. Is there a way to default the sidebar navigation to open, with the list of screens? Instead of requiring the reviewer to always click the hamburger menu?

My audience (analysts, developers, etc.) are constantly referring back to difference screens and prefer the list of screens over having the navigate through the prototype every time.

Thank you.

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Hi Michael,

You don't need to have the comments enabled to view the sidebar navigation, but unfortunately the reviewer will have to click on the hamburger menu each time.



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