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Share Requirements in Browser vs Word Doc

Under Consideration Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Hi JIM team,

It would be good if you could improve on your product specs in Word for a few reasons.

- the image outputs are often pixelated, since your graphics are not Vector viewing a project is pretty poor, I can barely read anything.

- the formatting for "specs/requirements" is pretty messy, it would be way awesome if we could get the output in the browser so you could look at say a login screen and then have the requirements in a panel on the right with all the "copy/specs" listed out in a table, so you could reference field A in the prototype (username field) to the specs on the right hand side where it defines say field name, # of characters it accepts, tooltip, etc etc. This would make it way easier for a developer to understand the specs as right now the Word doc is lengthy and messy.

- In today's world browser based specs would be way better, plus you could provide feedback or have reviewers comment/edit stuff and it would be taken back into the prototype. Think of it like Track Changes in Word for the prototype when you are dealing with simple stuff like Copy changes.

There is a real potential to tune this up to another level for everyone involved, especially non technical people who want to give feedback.

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Hi Jack,

Thanks for the suggestions. I have forwarded them to our development team.




Hi Danielle or other JIM experts,

We are having a related issue on our end. We get extremely pixelated images when trying to copy from adobe illustrator whether it is formatted as an .ai file or .svg.

Can you please help us understand why this is happening?

Thank you!



Hi Signe,

Could you please attach some screenshots so we can investigate more about what may be happening?


Sonia Durán

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