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Set value (filter) for Data list on another screen

Answered Carl Sundberg 6 years ago

I have screen 1 and 2. On Screen 1 I have a Text input field widget and a button that links to screen 2. On screen 2 I have a data list populated with items.

I input text into the input text field widget and press the button that links to screen 2. I want the data list items to get filtered by text inputted in the text input widget.

I tried setting everything up on the same screen and it works (minus the linking of button to another screen). However, when I copy the button to another screen the event (on click set value) disappears from it.

Any help would be great

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Hi Carl,

Create a variable that you will use to capture the value of the input entered in the text input widget. To capture the input, attach an "on click" event to the Screen 1 button with a "set value" action that copies the value of the text input widget to your newly-created variable. You would, of course, also attach a "link to" action the button that will take you to Screen 2. Make sure this "link to" action is placed and executes after the variable "set value" action. Then attach an "on page load" event to Screen 2 with a "set value" action that sets the value of the data list to the data master filtered by the value stored in the variable.

Hope this helps. Cheers!


Thanks Eggroll :)

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