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Set the value of a label from the current view of a single row data list

Answered Victor Conesa 9 years ago

I have a data set with four columns and two rows. The first two columns are images, and the second two columns are text. There's a data list that displays one row at a time, and has scripts that paginate next/previous to advance backwards and forwards.

What I'd like to do, is take whatever the **CURRENT** view's image and labels of the data list, and essentially copy them to images and labels in other areas of the screen.

Is there an easy way to link this behavior?

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Or does Prototyper have any concept of "instances" or "links" that I could use instead?



Create an event following these instructions:

1) Place the datalist, an empty image field and a label on the screen.

2) Once the data list is placed, select 'Current_row_1' from the outline panel and click on 'Add event'.

3) Create an 'On click event' --> Set value that has the Image as the outline element. Then, click on 'value is.. Calculated', and choose the image from the datalist cell.

4) Do the same for the label and the datalist label.

With this, everytime you click on a row, the external elements will be updated with the row attributes.

I hope it helps, if you need further help we can provide you an example by writing to us.




Lidia - there appears to be bugs in how pagination is processed that causes varied results. I think there are issues in both pagination, event triggers, and states.

I have set this up exactly as you have outlined, and when placed on the same object, even different "on key up" events are processed in unpredictable ways.

I have found that there appears to be a bug in how events are triggered, can you verify this? If I create the next/previous events on key up for "1" and "2" - pressing the 1 key appears to work normally, but upon pressing 2, it triggers the 1 events immediately thereafter. I verified this by creating a button that does the previous step, and this resolved it.

What is going on here?

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