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Scrolling a fixed content with the page

Answered Prabha 4 years ago

I want to make a dynamic data block on the right side to scroll with the page. Is there any way to achieve it? I Tried parallax elements and I couldn't achieve it for some reason.

Items (100 items) Total Section

Content 1 -- Content 2

Content 1--

Content 1--

Content 1--

Content 1 occupies 70 % of screen width. Content 2 is a static element which I want to make it scroll with the other two these data tables

The Idea is to make the Total Section visible(scroll) throughout the table.

Thanks for the help!

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Select the element and go to the Properties palette. There, tick the 'Display pin position option' box. Then, for the 'Y' parameter, select 'Pin to top'.

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