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Scroll on a dynamic panel on device is buggy as slightly jumping at the end

Solved Jay 6 years ago

A scroll of contents in a dynamic panel on a device is buggy as screen jumps a bit at the end of the scroll. It doesn't happen when I just gently drag the screen, the jump doesn't occur. It comes back if I swipe the screen. Please have a look the video I recorded https://www.dropbox.com/s/87gr0ggtkq1j5w2/Justinmind_scroll_bug.mp4?dl=0

Btw, I'm using the latest version on my phone and my laptop. This is a fundamental bug affecting every basic stuff. Please fix it asap.

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Hi Jay,

Thanks for reporting this as well as for attaching the video showing the issue. Does this happen for other prototypes on your phone, or is it just that one? This will help us determine if it's a prototype-related issue or an issue with the application itself.




All prototypes work the same. All jump. If you search with keywords like 'scroll smooth' on this site, you can find other people having the same issue.

My phone is Google Pixel if it helps.

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