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Screens in Random Order

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago


is there a way to randomize the order of screens?

So for example i got 10 screens and it starts with screen 4 then continues with screen 8 then screen 2 and so on ... without screens repeating.

I thougth about filling a data master with random values using the "rand" constant but I don't really know how to continue from there.

Also I don't know how to use the "link to" function with variables so I can link dynamically to screnns and not just the static input.

Thanks for any kind of help!

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Hi there,

This is possible but is quite complex in its events. Basically, you will need to have an on page load event that sets the value - using the rand function - of a label. Then, you will need to have other on page load events that have conditions that note when the label is less or greater than a certain value, it will link to a certain page.

If this is unclear, send us a message over at our support site here: http://support.justinmind.com/access/... and I can send you an example of this.



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