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Screen Bounce

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I'm working on a prototype and have this persistent "screen bounce" problem (see gif). The screens should not be scrollable, but a ~5 pixel space appears at the bottom of the screen when I scroll down. I can scroll back up to hide it.

I've been trouble shooting for a hour now— I don't have anything (object nor panel) extending below the bottom of the screen. I had a couple objects extending to the left of the screens, but deleting all of those across every screen simultaneously had no effect.

The only solution seems to be moving the objects that are *near* the bottom of the screen. The problem did not resolve when I moved the objects a few pixels away from the bottom of the screen, and only resolved when I moved everything >10 pixels away from the bottom of the screen. _Which doesn't make any sense._ (Screen dimensions are 768x1024, and the problem appears on both simulation and the ipad mini.)

(Edit: I'm aware that I can disable vertical scroll, which would remedy the problem, but disables the scroll functionality when I need it.)


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Hi Spencer,

Perhaps the screen is bigger than the background you have on the page. Go to the outline and click on the base page. Then go to the properties panel and you should see an option to alter the page size to match the desired length.



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