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Screen automatically redirects in simulation

In Progress Fhcurrin15 5 years ago

Hi all! I'm very new to Justinmind and can't get my .vp file to upload here.

Basically: I have 3 screens and I want users to be able to navigate to Screen 2 and Screen 3 from Screen 1. I put two hot spots on Screen 1: one links to Screen 2 on tap and the other links to Screen 3 on tap. I also have back buttons on Screen 2 and Screen 3 that each link to Screen 1 on tap. The links between Screen 1 and Screen 2 work fine, but when I try to get to Screen 3, it redirects to Screen 2. This happens even when I try to navigate to Screen 3 manually or launch the simulation from Screen 3. It seems like I accidentally added in some kind of redirect and I'm not sure how I managed that or how to go about looking for and removing that event.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

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Can you compress the .vp file into a .zip file and attach it here? That way we can get a better idea of what might not be working in the prototype.


The problem actually seems to have fixed itself overnight! I'll follow up if it comes back, though. Thank you!

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