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Scenarios - Maintain Folder Structure to ease building Scenarios

In Progress Cameron Gull 4 years ago

As a user, I find it very cumbersome to find the Screens I'm looking for when building out the Scenarios. Often times, I'm bouncing back and forth between the User Interface side to Scenarios. I'm very organized in the User Interface side; however, when it's just a random list of screens, it's VERY, VERY frustrating to find screens.

To increase the usability of the app, if the structure from User Interface persisted in the Scenarios section, it would make finding existing screens a LOT faster.

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Happy to tell you that newer version of Justinmind will have this feature - screen folder structure will be maintained in the Scenarios module. There's no set date for that release, but we're aiming for sometime early next year.


That is fantastic news!

I'm assuming paid Enterprise subscribers to JustInMind will receive the update at no additional charge?


I don't have specific details on that, but that's normally what we do with new versions, yes. If anything changes I'll let you know.

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