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Save/record current setting for style (Dynamic setting)

Answered faiz kamal 7 years ago

First of all, i am very impressed with justinmind, and this is amazing!


I try to make button that if i click on it, some style (such: color, transparancy, etc) would changes, and these feature work properly.

(assume that i clicked that button)but when i close my project on browser or open the next page and then back to prev page, the style back to the first style. Can I save my current setting (when i click the button) to default setting?

So if i back to the prev page/close my project, the style keep its setting, not back to normal/first setting.

Thank you

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Hi Faiz Kamal,

You will need to save the changes directly at prototyper " File " / "Save".


Sonia Durán

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