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Save and Simulate gives error - Access to path is denied

In Progress Prashant Singh 5 years ago


I am using enterprise version of justinmind and I keep getting error while saving files or running simulation.

First it gives an error Access to specified path is denied and then it will freeze and I have to restart it. I have admin previladges on my work laptop so I should not be getting this Access denied error.

Attaching the log file.

Also when I have bought a license I am not sure why I still cannot access customer portal.

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Hi there,

Very sorry about that! We're looking into this and I'll get back to you.




Your logs indicate that an image within the prototype is corrupted somehow, which is causing the prototype not to open. Can you attach the .vp file here and we can try to delete that image? You can compress the file into .zip format, or upload it to a file sharing service like Dropbox and link to the file here.

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