Rounded corners in percents and pixels for each corner of a rectangle

Julian Dyer shared this idea 16 months ago
Under Consideration

The current implementation of a proportional rounded corner on rectangles is not sufficient, and causes us constant issues when trying to create accurate and representative interfaces for our system. Proportionate rounded corners that are currently set are not appropriate for a web interface, where the rounding of corners cannot be scaled (unless set to percent)

We would like a feature that would allow:

  • Rounded corners to be set in pixels rather than proportionally
  • Ability to apply these rounded corners to each corner of a rectangle element
  • Separation of borders and rounding of corners in the interface
  • Ability to set proportional rounded corners (in %) or absolute sizes in pixels

Would anyone else like to see this feature putting into JustInMind?

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Dear Julian,

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will transfer this ideas to our engineers so they can take it into account in future updates.