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Round Function isn't working. Help files aren't clear how to use it.

Known Jan Bass 7 years ago


I searched for information on this but the help files and topics don't make how to use the Round function clear. I have an onClick action where the button enters data from a data list. When it does that the onClick also calculates a total field on the next page where all the data is entered from the data list on the previous page.

This all works fine.

The final event for the onClick is to round the # in the total field. I have onClick > total_weight (the field) > set value > Round 'value', '2'. I just get the default # of decimals which can be quite a lot. Please be very clear with your answer as I'm not a programmer.

The correct field is targeted as it's the same one multiplying the values from 2 other fields and giving me a total, which is working.

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Hi Jan,

The second parameter inside the function round indicates the number of decimals. So you should replace tha value "2" into "0". See the screenshot and the example attached.

Kindly let me know how it goes.


Sonia Durán

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