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Reusing Data Grids across multiple prototypes while keeping the same naming convention

Answered Sheraz 5 years ago

We have been using JustinMind for a long time. Our application has lots of screens which involve showing students list or teachers list with their details. Each time we start a new prototype, we try to make it from scratch or use previous prototypes with Student Data Grid.

Is there any way we can reuse a data grid along with its data master across multiple prototypes? It will save a lots of time.

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You can't export just a Data Grid/Data Master. However, you can export a Prototype with a Data Grid on the screen, and a Data Master with your data. To do this, create a single-screen prototype, with a Data Grid on the screen that contains the data from the Data Master. Now, export that prototype by going to File -> Export -> Prototype. Then, for any project in which you would want to have that Data Grid/Data Master, you can import that prototype by going to File -> Import -> Prototype. That import will contain a screen with the Data Grid and Data Master. You can then copy/paste that Data Grid throughout the prototype.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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