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Retrieving trial files after paying for a licence

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I was testing Justinmind for my business and was working on some current design files when my trial period expired. I was surprised to find that I can't log in any more, and further, that user files are deleted at the conclusion of a trial. If I pay for a subscription now, as I planned, can you retrieve the files?

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Hi Jarrett,

Your files are deleted 10 days after your trial expires, so if it has been less than 10 days, they will still be in your online account if you purchase a subscription. Alternatively, you should still have the files locally on your computer and could upload them again if you decide to purchase a license.




Thanks for the quick reply. It had been more than 10 days since my account expired, but I was able to locate the cached copy on my PC. That'll sort me out for this client at least.

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