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Responsive/Adaptive Background

Answered Michael Sheun 6 years ago

Hi I am trying to create an responsive adaptive background. I have looked at all the responsive and adaptive tutorials on the expert support section and they are very limited on how to clearly create these. My website is 1366px width by 1055px height and there is a background image that fits to that dimension. What I want the prototype to do is when you resize the window manually and bring in the sides to make the width shorter......I want the background to stay fixed to the bottom as well as the width and the image to stay in the centre whilst also reducing in size staying in proportion. I have put on the action on window resize > resize, then on the width and height I have put relative to parent but it doesn't fix to the bottom of the window.

Please help guys, much love

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Dear Michael,

Unfortunately, what you are trying to accomplish it's quite complicated, however, we are working on a new update that will include some new features that easier to accomplish that. Meanwhile, until the new version has been released, can you send us an example .vp file of what you're describing so we can take a look? You can attach it in a .rar format, or upload it to a file sharing service such as Dropbox, and attach the link to it here.


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