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Resizing prototype for different mobile dimensions

Answered Victor Conesa 9 years ago

I currently have a prototype designed for android. However I want to re-size it for Iphone5 so my testers can see it as it should. However I can't find any function in Justinmind to quickly make this change happen.

I've looked for screen sizes in my document itsself but I can't seem to find/adjust it. So the only option I have left right now is creating an entire new document and re-do all of it. Any suggestions on how to easily solve this?

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Hello Wouter,

Unfortunately, Justinmind does not provide an automatic mechanism to adjust prototypes to other device skins. However, you may do the following to re-size the prototype:

1. Use adaptive/responsive design to dynamically adjust content to new size on page load.

2. Create a new prototype for an iPhone5 device and import the screens from the Android prototype. You can then copy the components and adjust accordingly.



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