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resize and rotate an embedded video / full screen

In Progress Ron Glezer 5 years ago


I added an embedded video from youtube using an HTML widget to an android phone prototype.

1. The video's size cannot be changed unless cropped (which is obviously not an option). I want it's width the fit the screen's width.

2. It also can't go on full screen mode, which I could handle if I could rotate it. I managed rotating with a dynamic panel + rotate event, that way the video can be rotated and enter to full screen. but there's not way to add an exit button above it

Is there a way around these issues?

Thank you

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You could try using a locally stored video and the document widget, which would allow you to change the video's size more dynamically. However, you still won't be able to place a button above the video.


Hi Danielle, thanks for the advice, it is helpful. but still I have two problems:

1. When I add the video it automatically plays (on edit mode) and I could not pause it, pause button did not work.

2. On simulation the video also automatically plays. I only want it to play after I click play. Is it possible?



Hi Ron, is there a way to hide video controls when simulating or export to html.


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