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Reset toggle with other element?

Answered Marko Cadjenovic 4 years ago

I've created a hotspot over the icon (screenshot Annotation 2019-09-10 110224.jpg) with toggle action that separates one widget and opens its configuration dialog. Configuration dialog (screenshot Annotation 2019-09-10 110409.jpg) has 'close' icon. Is there a way to "reset" this toggle action when 'close' icon is pressed?

This wouldn't be a problem for one widget (i could just do the reverse actions), but I have 5 of them and it makes it hard.

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Unfortunately no, but you could create a two "On Click" events with conditions that detect if the 'Close' icon is shown or not, and will trigger the actions that were originally create for the Toggle.


Unfortunately, that still doesn't change or speed up the process. What we need is a "undo" (set toggle state to 0 again) action triggered by some other element.

This should be a feature request. Please check the example I've attached: To achieve this I created "on variable change" event and you can see how complex it is just for two widgets, to add one more, logic becomes even harder. Not to mention there are a lot of smaller cases where this could be useful.

In case you create this kind of toggle, I could easily create events just per widget, gain more control over it and wouldn't need to think about colliding with other events.

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