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Reordering objects in outline leads to random positioning

In Progress Jonathan Serex 5 years ago


I must say that I am a big fan of Justinmind, but sometime some behaviors drive me mad.

Look at the attached videos:

In video1 I am moving a line into a group by drag and dropping the object into the group. For a reason that I can't understand the line seem to be positioned randomly in the page, and far away from the group. Very annoying, especially when you are zoomed in !

Now the funny part: In video2 I am achieving exactly the same operation, but by doing a Cut & Paste within the outline. This time the line is positioned in the upper left corner of the group, which is the expected behavior.

Question: do you confirm this is a bug ? If yes, can you please fix it ?

Thanks in advance

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Looks like this is a bug with rotated elements. I've sent this to our team, and we'll work on fixing this.


Thank you Danielle !

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