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Refresh Current Page Without Knowing the Page

Answered Withers Davis 8 years ago

Is there any way to refresh the current page without knowing what page the user current is on?

Basic issue is that I'd like to include a dropdown on every page that lets the user change a variable to see different data. Ideally that will be in a master. Once the user changes the dropdown it 1) updates the variable, and 2) refreshes the page.

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Hi Withers,

There isn't any specific way to simulate what you are mentioning with a variable. When there is an event with an associated "Link to" interaction, its needed to select always the screen where the link will be directed.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Sonia Durán


I have come up with a quasi-solution that may help other people if they have the same issue.

On each page I put a hidden text element that simply says REFRESH. That never appears on the screen for the users. I then created a variable called refresh page with a default value of 0.

Whenever I need to refresh a page (either on a master or on a screen) I simply change the value of the refresh_page variable from 0 to 1.

It works as follows:

On the REFRESH text element I have a 'on variable change' action that gets triggered when the refresh_page variable changes. This action links back to the current page.

Finally on this element I put an 'on page load' event to reset the refresh_page variable back to zero.

For me this was helpful because I have a very data intensive application that has different states on the same screen. I have a nav menu that is used to set various parameters and is persistent on all pages.

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