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Referencing multiple rows in a data grid

Answered Stevestone018 5 years ago

I am at a loss on how to move forward with my prototype. When the user clicks on a "Finalize" button, I need to build new records in a Data Master (DM1) based on values in another Data Master (DM2). Ultimately, I need to be able to perform a "Do While" loop reading through DM2 and adding records to DM1. As JustinMind does not support loops, I thought I could build a single row data list for DM2 and paginate through it, pulling values from the data list into variables to create new records for DM1. However, I can only reference the first record. Each subsequent page is not addressable (i.e. a set value action referencing the page does not bring back a value). Is there a better way to do this?

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The “On Variable Change” trigger can serve as a loop. That should work for what you’ve described.

You can also attach your .vp file here in .zip/.rar format and we can take a closer look to see how this implementation might work.

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