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Re-order Data Grid Columns?

Answered Victor Conesa 13 years ago


In the help is says:

Ordering columns

The order of the Data Grid's columns can be modified once created. To move a column to a different position within the Data Grid, drag and drop it to the desired position. An orange feedback will guide you when placing the column between other columns.

I've tried dragging, but I never seem able to grab the column. I never get the drag icon to appear when dragging on the cells. It always grabs the entire data grid.

What am I doing wrong?



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You have to move the cursor from above the data grid and wait till it turns into an arrow pointing down. Then click and drag to right or left to change the column's position.


To supplement a bit for this problem. I just get rid of it that I think the help documentation does not clearly mention.

When you try to drag the column to a new position, your mouse cursor must place above the grid list, rather mouse over the grid columns. Suggest enhance the help document with a screen shot for this trick.

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