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Radio button functionality in "simple button" design

Solved Umair Farooqi 3 years ago

I want to use buttons to register value.

for instance =

Select your Gender

[Male] [Female] [Other]

These 3 are bassically buttons, and i have placed a on-tap click event to make the selected button become bright with bold text. BUT ..... if i click all 3,, all 3 show as selected

How can i fix this,, so that, if i click [female] after i had already clicked on [Male] before,,, then the [Female] button shows as selected,, and the [Male] button goes from "selected design" back to being normal,,

in short,, i want ONLY 1 of the buttons to show the on-tap design change functionality, which ever is clicked last should be showing it,,

hope i convey my issue proprly

I tried think think think, but could not find a way to fix this using events also

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Hi, which version of Justinmind are you using?


9.1 ,, but i found a way around my problem.

I wanted the clicked button to be blue with white text,, while unclicked buttons be white with blue text

I fixed it by using on-tap + change style command... just that i had to add command to change style for alll other buttons too,

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