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Quitting simulation when click on phone's physical "Back button"?

Under Consideration Lâm Hoàng 7 years ago

I installed Justinmind app on my Motorola Nexus 6 to simulate Android app.

When on mobile simulation, I accidentally clicked on phone's physical Back button. It instantly go back to "My prototype" page in the app, which is very inconvenience. :<

Is there any way to disable the phone's back button? Or function it as "Return to previous screen?"


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Hi Lam,

Unfortunately there isn't any possibility to configure the buttons. In case you want to return to the previous screen you will need to tap with two fingers at the same time and the an option to go "back" and "Refresh" will appear.


Sonia Durán


Thanks for you support :) i hope that your developing team would work on this issue. Thanks


I agree with Lam, I really hope that addition is a priority . For android users the back key functionality is one of the main advantages it has over iphones in terms of efficient navigation. Would love to know more about how this could possibly work. It's really a huge shame that there isn't any ability to configure buttons.


A workaround would be to use the integration with Phonegap https://www.justinmind.com/support/phonegap-and-justinmind-integration/

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