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Public shared link with available side menu, how ?

Answered Victor Conesa 7 years ago

How can I generate a public shared link of a prototype that keeps the "Screen right side Menu available" ? I would like it to keep it the same way than when i'm logged, with the hamburger menu giving the option to reveal the whole structure in case they get stuck. I don't want my client to have to create a account.

Is there a way ?

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Hi Carl,

You can generate a public link by clicking on the project folder in your online account, then looking to the option 'Public Prototype'. Make sure that's 'On'. Then you should see a dialog that says 'get link', which is the public link of the prototype. You can send that to your client.

Unfortunately public prototypes do not include the header that contains the navigation menu. A workaround for this is to have the prototype be private, but invite your client as a reviewer, which will allow them to view the header as well as access the prototype without needing an account.



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