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Provide a keyboard shortcut for toggling visibility of one or more widgets

Under Consideration Dave 8 years ago

JustinMind really needs someone to give the keyboard shortcuts a long and detailed look.

But in the meanwhile, I would be happy if there was a keyboard shortcut that avoided my having to click the stupid eyeball in the outline to toggle visibility of a widget.

Better still, if I could select several widgets (not contiguous in the outline: I know all about clicking-and-dragging to hide a bunch of neighbor widgets in the outline: I have used that feature exactly zero times, because it is never, ever useful to me) and execute the keyboard shortcut to toggle their visibility, I would send you cookies.

And not the browser kind, either!

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Hi Dave,

Great idea. I have already transfered it to our development team so they can take into account for future updates.


Sonia Durán

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