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Prototype Files not compatible between JIM versions

Known Mel 3 years ago

There are currently running both versions of JIM [8.7.8 and 9.1.0] on my computer.

I cannot open either prototype-file in the other version. Could you please ensure forward- and backwards-compatibility?

I now created a new prototype in version 9 as it would not allow me to take my prior 8.7.8 one with me, but the exporting functionality is not available and every day the new version is crushing unexpectatly...

Having put all the work in I still cannot go back using the old JIM-version


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I apologize for the delay in response to the issue you're experiencing. Could you attach the 8.7.8 prototype that you were wanting to edit in Justinmin version 9?

You can compress the .vp file to a .zip/.rar and attach it here.

I look forward to your response,



Forward compability seems to work now, only any prototype you create in 9 is not opening up in the older JIM

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