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Problems with prototype when viewed in Internet Explorer

Known Michael Sheun 7 years ago

Hi I created a pop up window using hidden components but when viewed in IE I have elements all over the place see the attached. It is basically 5 smiley faces as a ratings chart once you click on one of the faces it will change to another image hidden behind it with a different colour so in total 10 hidden elements. On IE as soon as the pop up loads its showing 15 faces! it works fine on chrome, image attached.

Heres a link to the prototype https://www.justinmind.com/usernote/tests/22843224/25172975/25172977/index.html if you click on the "tell us what you think?" tab on the right of the site it will pull out the pop up.

Some clients can only view this prototype of IE so if anybody can help with fixing this that will be great.



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Hi Michael,

Can you contact us through our Customer Support Portal and send us your prototype so we can analyse it and see what might be happening?


Sonia Durán

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