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Problem with Login Credentials to Share Prototype

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I am trying to share a prototype (Share -> Share) and a box labeled Sign in pops up. It tells me that my email or password are incorrect. I have tried resetting my password and I still get this message. I am able to log in online at justinmind.com and am using the same information between online and the program.

I received the file from somebody else and made my own changes to it. I'm not sure if that is relevant, but just in case it has some impact on what's happening.

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Hi Chelsea,

Is your workplace using a proxy? This can interfere with Justinmind's ability to connect to our server, which can explain your inability to login in the application. If you're using a proxy, go to Justinmind -> Preferences -> Network configuration and configure this to your proxy settings.




I am facing a similar issue but in my case the website's feedback is that my trial has expired when it should not have because I'm using a licensed key that is valid until June 2016.

Net-net: I am unable to use any of the collaboration features that require sign-in, in the installer as well as via the website.


Hi Prateek,

Could you please check that you are using the same email that was introduced when you purchased the license? If this is the problem and you want to change the email associated with your account please contact us.


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