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Problem with installation for Windows 8.1, 64-bit

Known Shalini aramandla 6 years ago

Hello Team,

I am able to download the excutable file but when I tried executing it the installation process is completing. Finaly when I search for the application it is not popping out. Rather its not even showing in my windows as a installed software. I am tried to fix this in all the possible ways I know but I am unable to do this. Can you please help me with this.

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Dear Shalini,

That's odd. Can you check out that it has been correctly installed on your computer? Try launching the app directly from the the .exe that you will find inside the Justinmind installation folder? Are you using any firewall that might be blocking Justinmind?


Hello Shalini,

I have a Windows 8.1 64 bits and i have not problem to install. Maybe it's your firewall or anti-virus who block the application.



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