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Ports or protocols used between Justinmind Prototyper app (PC) and Justinmind's cloud Usernote???

In Progress Jeff Preston 6 years ago

Is there some mysterious port or protocol being used for communication between the Prototyper application and the justinmind.com/usernote cloud-based server? I need to communicate to IT admins what they need to do to 'whitelist' or unblock ports on the firewall. Right now, any attempt at connecting to the Justinmind cloud-based Usernote instance fails whenever I am connected to the company's network. Connecting on ANY non-[insert my client's corporate name which shall remain anonymous] network works as expected without failure (i.e., working through a phone-tether or any of two different home networks is successful)

This is getting kinda ridiculous - how can this sort of information not be posted somewhere in the help resources? Maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in yet, but I can't find anything resourceful related to this subject.



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Hi Jeff,

Have the whitelist be for https://www.justinmind.com/usernote (port 443). Let me know how this works for you.



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