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Populate Screen with data of a DataManager

Solved Alex RV 6 years ago


I have some problems populating my screens with data. I one screen I some input text that set the data in the DataManager, in the second screen I get this data and populate my screen, but in the third one, I populate the screen with the data of the first one, and it does not appear. It is a little confused so I tried to show it by pictures.

1) I create new fields with a event with Data Manager action (the data manager does not have any data before this)

2) I set the fields with the data of my data Manager

3) I do the same than in 2) but it does not appear. It is like the data manager restart the fields.

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It was my fault about one event that was deleting data. Sorry :(


Hi Alex,

Glad you figured it out!

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